Sunday, June 26, 2011

Extravadance girl-Taylor Olivia McKay

We had Taylor’s big dance recital last Saturday afternoon. Taylor was super excited about dancing. She doesn’t seem to be phased at all about performing in front of such a large audience. Taylor was lucky to have so many family members there to support her that day! Uncle Keith and Aunt Brandy came with Skyler, Aiden and Ellie and both sets of grandparents were there to watch the entire performance.

You looked so beautiful and you LOVED being able to wear a little make-up! (this was from picture day two weeks prior to recital)


All the girls did a fabulous job! Taylor and Sloane were waiting for their first number and Mimi came back for a quick picture of them...

Taylor AFTER performing three songs and dancing like a star!

Love from cousin Ellie

Taylor we are so proud of you.

After the recital we headed over to Grammy and PawPaw’s to celebrate Taylor’s recital and Father’s Day to four fabulous DADS!


Taylor told Grammy that she wanted a “HOT Ken Barbie Doll” and well that is what Grammy gave her. Not a surprise but check out the hand on the hip; that seems to be Taylor's favorite pose!

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Brandi Reeves said...

she is beautiful! Just like her mom :)