Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

So did you wear your green today so you wouldn’t get pinched?!!!

Well the McKay’s were decked out in their GREEN!

Ella and I tried to have a photo session right before we left for daycare and work…


Looks like she was doing a little dance for me


She certainly is a HAPPY baby girl. (Although we have been battling a double ear infection and I think some teething too!  Slightly fussy little girl, but she still gives us BIG smiles.)



Now we go about 8 hours later; after lots of crafts, playing and partying at Village Kids.

Can you tell Caroline was very proud of her St. Patty’s Day hat?!


Tried our best to get them all looking and smiling at the camera!

So we have two of them…


(and I just thought this was sweet)


Now all three, but let’s sit together nice and calm; is there such a thing?!


Much better! 



The only way I could get Caroline to take off her fabulous hat was to tell her that Grammy wanted to see her pretty hair and hair bow.  She thought that was a great idea!  Plus, I got them to smile by telling them these pictures were to send to Grammy and they yelled, “Hi Grammy!!!” and SMILED!


Friday, March 11, 2011


So my little girl is having her first SLEEPOVER at a friend's house tonight. How can it be?!?! I mean it seems like just yesterday she arrived and we were heading home:

Taylor's Going Home 005

And she was this tiny and precious!

Taylor's 1st day 016

Taylor's 3rd week 010

Well she is still absolutely precious but growing up too quickly! Taylor’s Daisy Troop went to the Natural Science Center tonight for a Girl Scout “Almost Over Night” event. Afterwards, 7 of the 8 girls were going over to Alicia’s house (the troop leader and mother of the triplets!) for a sleepover.

Taylor was BEYOND excited about the big night. When I told her about it last night, she jumped up and down with excitement and told me that she was going to be “Grown up!”

Hopefully the girls behaved well and had a blast! Most importantly, I hope Ms. Alicia and Ms. Lori survive! (and we don’t get a phone call in the middle of the night to come and get her :-)

Taylor, my little Tater Bug, you are growing up WAY TO FAST!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The girls say some of the funniest things to us….well Ella not yet, but soon enough I am sure!
Sometimes I can hardly believe how smart they really are and they are still so young.
This morning, I had to laugh at Taylor’s comments.

Rob usually leaves his cell phone on the side table next to the bed at night and just about every morning, Rob asks Taylor to bring it down when she makes her way
downstairs. That was the case this morning and Taylor then asked me why Daddy asks her ALL the time to get his phone. She said that he is responsible for his own phone and needs to keep up with it better. I wanted to laugh out loud, but just told her she was right and needed to talk to Daddy about it….Of course she did!
On her way downstairs, I heard Taylor saying the same thing to Rob.I have no clue how the conversation went with Rob, but I got a little laugh. Taylor is a funny and smart little girl

Thursday, March 3, 2011

SIX Months

I can not even believe that I am writing a post that Ella just turned 6 months old on Feb. 16th!!! Has half a year already flown by?!

Ella went in for her check up on Feb. 23rd with Dr. MacDonald and had a wonderful report. Dr. MacDonald said she is growing perfectly! I know that is what every parent wants to hear.


Weight:14 lbs. 4oz (25%)

Length: 25 inches (35%)

Again, I like to compare the measurements to Taylor and Caroline at the same age.

Taylor was 16 lbs. 5oz and 27.5 inches long

Caroline was 13 lbs. 4oz and 24.5 inches long

Ella was right in between the girls! If you take a quick look at Ella, you will be drawn right to her cheeks! She has the biggest and cutest, rosy red cheeks that I have ever seen. When Aunt Kerri came to visit last weekend, she couldn’t get over how big Ella had gotten…later she admitted that Ella’s cheeks just didn’t match her petite little body.

Ella is growing up too quickly! She is sitting all by herself for a minute or so before she starts to tumble forward or to the side. I think she almost has it! Although I am not 100% sure she will be sitting too long. Just like her older two sisters, Ella is a mover and a shaker and wants to move!! As I have said before she will have the strongest abs of any baby! If you lay her down, she comes up as if she is doing a crunch. She is a strong little girl for sure.

Photo Shoot with Dad…

Feb. 2011-Ella 6 months 006-1

Feb. 2011-Ella 6 months 005-1

Ella is rolling all over the place right now and gets up on her toes like she wants to move!?! She absolutely LOVES to smile and laugh. Those little baby belly laughs put the biggest smile on MY face. She is also talking up a storm with her baby talk and I just love all of it!



Here we go ROLLING…



And we ended back where we started :)