Tuesday, January 25, 2011



My Mom and I had been promising Taylor that we would take her to see the movie Tangled about Rapunzel. We were supposed to go over the Martin Luther King Holiday but unfortunately Taylor lost that privilege that afternoon. She has gotten really good at NOT LISTENING and showing us all of her sassiness! Rob and I are not always super consistent concerning punishment for the girls. I think it is so hard to discipline although it is something that really needs to be done and followed through by both parents! We are definitely working on it together. Rob and I agreed that we needed to stick with our threat of taking away Taylor’s movie privilege if she continued to misbehave and eventually we did. Fortunately after she realized that we were serious and there was not going to be a movie that day, she was on her best behavior and earned the privilege back the following weekend.

I was not sure if Caroline was really ready for an hour and half movie. She really doesn’t have much interest in the TV yet. She will say she wants to watch a certain show but I don’t think she has sat down and watched more than 5 minutes, if that! I should have seriously considered all that information before deciding to take Caroline with us to the movie. To be honest, I just hated leaving Caroline out!

My Mom (Grammy) and I took Taylor and Caroline to see Tangled the following Sunday afternoon. They were both extremely excited! Taylor kept telling Caroline that they could get a drink, popcorn and some yummy fruit snacks while we watched Tangled. (Taylor went with her Mimi last year to see her first movie, The Princess and the Frog and she totally remembers what she got as her movie snack!)

I wish I had my camera, because it really was cute watching them walk into the theatre and sit in those big seats with their little kid movie pack. I think what I saw of the movie was very cute! Taylor did great, although she did ask several questions during the movie. Now as for Caroline, that is a whole different story!!

Let me start by saying we have been potty training Caroline and the half water/half pink lemonade was not the best drink decision for the movies! We went to the bathroom about 4 times in the hour that Caroline and I lasted there. Three times she actually did use the potty and the other visit was just that…a visit! She wanted to wash her hands again and use the hand dryer! Then she suddenly had an obsession with the trash can?! She wanted to throw her popcorn away, then her drink and then I had to put a stop to it when she wanted to throw each napkin away individually!! She played musical chairs the whole time too. She went from the chair next to Grammy to the chair next to me and then eventually on my lap- well and then down again to let the whole cycle start over! I had finally had enough and thought she had too, so Caroline and decided to leave. Taylor and Grammy stayed to watch the end of the movie. I just laughed though as Caroline and I were leaving because she turned to me in the most excited voice and said, “Mommy I LIKED the movie Tangled!”

Hmm Hmm I thought because she could have fooled me :-)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sickness GO AWAY!

So I guess ‘Tis the Season for nasty colds, ear infections and coughs! I think we have all been passing it back and forth. I hated though that little Ella was getting so sick. Ella started off with one horrible stuffy nose and nasty sounding cough. Rob and I were both a little concerned so we decided to take Ella in on Wed. The Dr. said unfortunately it was simply a nasty cold that we would have to let run it’s course. I was happy her ears and her lungs were both clear but poor Ella didn’t get any better as the week went on. On Friday afternoon, daycare called to tell me that Ella had nasty yellow/greenish stuff coming from her eye. Of course we thought it was pink eye (especially since she has already had that four times!!) and started the drops. By Saturday morning, her left eye was swollen shut and she just looked completely miserable…not to mention we had not been sleeping well all week long! I took Ella back into the Dr. that morning. We saw Dr. Walker at the after hours clinic in Kernersville and he helped Ella on her road to recovery. She didn’t end up having an ear infection or pink eye but she developed an infection in her sinus cavity causing the red puffy eye. Ella got one of those awfully painful antibiotic shots in her leg (well I have never had one but he nurse and other people have told me that they are really painful!) and then a round of antibiotics. Luckily by the middle of the following week, she was feeling better.

I will say that one good thing that came out of all of this was getting to see Ella ROLL OVER from her back to her belly!!!! We were waiting for the Dr. to come in and I was letting Ella play on the long table. She had been trying to do it at home but I never saw her get ALL the way over until this day! If the nurses heard me, they most likely thought I was crazy since I was clapping for her and what not. I am not sure if she has done that before at school, but I just pretended it was the first time :-)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Baptism for Ella Kathryn McKay

A child is a precious gift from God
and baptism is God's gift wrapping.

Today we placed our child in God’s care forevermore.

Ella Kathryn was baptized this morning at the 9 am service at Saint Pius X in Greensboro. My sister, Kerri and brother, Keith agreed to help guide Ella in her faith by agreeing to be her Godparents. Kerri and Keith, both hold a VERY special place in our hearts. They are wonderful people, ones I have always looked up to throughout my life. I am confident they will be wonderful role models for my girls as well! Thanks to both of you for sharing this special part of Ella’s faith with us!

We had a good family weekend. My sister and her family are awesome! They took a long weekend and DROVE down here for this special occasion. Rob and I really appreciated this as I know making the trip a couple of times ourselves…it is really a LONG drive, especially with kids! THANK YOU!!!!

Ella was perfect during the church service and whole baptism. She had fallen asleep right before the actual baptism so I am sure it was a big surprise to her to be woken up by water pouring over her head! Again, she was wonderful as she only jumped a little and then lifted her head, looked at the congregation and just smiled! Just precious.

We went back to my parents house with some close friends and family and spent the morning/afternoon together. It was a perfect day!








Jake LOVED his baby cousin and was so sweet to Ella…


I am pretty sure he was trying to give her a kiss :-)


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