Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful Christmas! Taylor and Caroline were SO excited to see all of their presents. The girls came into our bedroom around 6:25 am. They usually like to come and lay with us for a little while before we all get up for the day. So that is just what they did today too. The only exception is that a few minutes after they came in, Taylor sat up in bed, she paused for a moment like she was thinking of what or how she was going to say this to me… “Mommy, I JUST peeked and I THINK Santa may have come and left us presents??!!” It was so cute! So a few minutes later, the girls and I went into the bonus room to see if Santa really did come; and he DID! Since Rob was still “resting his eyes”, we decided to go and check out the stockings downstairs. Taylor and Caroline were beyond excited. Only a few minutes later, Grammy and PawPaw arrived to help us open presents and celebrate! We are lucky that both sets of grandparents live in town. They came over bright and early to share the whole Christmas morning experience with us. As soon as Mimi and Popie arrived, the girls started unwrapping. I think they were overwhelmed but totally excited about all of it.

The best part for me was how Taylor kept saying, “Oh my gosh, I got exactly what I wanted!”

After we jumped on the NEW trampoline (THANKS Grammy and PawPaw) and played with all the new games, toys and BARBIES! we got ready to go over to my parents house for a night full of fun with our families. During this time, we were blessed with a WHITE Christmas. It snowed for the rest of the day and through the night. It was beautiful!

Just a little glimpse of the craziness Christmas morning…







Only a few hours later!!!!


Heading to Grammy and PawPaw’s House





Lovin’ from Aunt Brandy

Aunt B and girls

The girls had a BLAST spending time running around with their cousins.


C and Ellie C and Aiden

Rob and Taylor

Merry Christmas!


I just ADORE these three little girls. They might make me lose my mind here and there and act a little nutty myself, but I am ever so grateful God gave them to us as healthy angels, full of personality. They help me remember why Christmas is such a wonderful time of year. I know we all get caught up in the commercialized part of this Holiday but I want my girls to know what the true meaning behind Christmas is all about.

The other day, I was talking with Taylor and Caroline and we got on the subject of toys…this seems to be a HOT subject in this household lately :)

Both girls were telling me about the Barbie House that they wanted Santa to bring on Christmas Eve. We talked a little about gifts and fun stuff before I decided to have a more serious conversation with them. I told them that it was great to have this time of year where we were able to tell Santa certain things we wanted as gifts but I then asked them what Christmas was really all about. Taylor quickly responded, “It is Jesus’ Birthday!”

I explained to both girls, that it is wonderful that we are able to celebrate Jesus’ birthday every year and get such nice gifts from Santa but really everything was all about Jesus and his birth. I don’t want any of us to lose sight of that!

With that said, the girls were very excited to make Jesus a birthday cake on Christmas Eve. I pretty much let Taylor and Caroline make the cake from start to finish (with a little assistance of course!) They were so sweet helping each other pour in the ingredients and mix up the batter with the electric mixer. To be honest, Taylor had to coax Caroline to come back into the kitchen once I brought out the mixer. Caroline gets scared easily and was not too sure about the mixer at the first sight of it!

I wish I would have taken a picture of the cake, but like usual I forgot! I think the cake was a big hit on Christmas night over at my parents’ house. I didn’t try any myself but the girls and their cousins Ellie and Aiden really enjoyed it!


Emily Caroline

Taylor and Ella BW

Girls-tree BW

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Four Months and Double Ear infection!

Ella is already four months! Seriously time flies by even faster with the third child. I remember with Taylor I couldn’t wait for her to start talking, crawling and walking (and she actually did all three very early!). Caroline I didn’t push it or want that as much and now with Ella, I just want to freeze time! I want her to be able to sit up but that is about it. I know I can’t hold her back from doing all these things but I see how fast things go and I hate to rush this time away. I definitely want Ella and the other two girls to be on track developmentally but it is hard to let that happen. This time period is bittersweet! I love watching the girls learn new things and doing more and more on their own like “big girls” but it is a reminder to me that are not going to be babies for long.

Ella went in her for four month check up on 12/21/10. She weighed 11 lbs. and was 24 inches long. (35% for weight and 50% for height)

I like to compare the stats with Taylor and Caroline. Taylor was 25.5 inches long and 13 lbs. 4 oz. Caroline weighed 11 lbs. 14 oz and was 24 inches long too. I am hoping they all continue to get their Daddy’s tall genes and I better watch out because if they do, they will be towering over me in a few years!

We also found out that poor Ella was suffering from a double ear infection. I kind of knew something was wrong with her before we took her in that morning. Ella normally sleeps great but the past couple of nights she had been waking up several times throughout the night. I remember that was a tell-tell sign that Caroline had an ear infection. Luckily Dr. Bramley gave Ella an antibiotic and we hope to get this infection knocked out very soon!

Ella is a great baby! She usually always smiles at you when you talk to her. She loves to laugh and it is one of the sweetest things I have ever heard. She rolls over from her belly to back and really wants to move more! I think she would be in heaven if she could sit up by herself and I don’t think it will be long before she is doing just that! She adores her sisters as she is always intently watching them. Taylor and Caroline enjoy acting silly in front of Ella and getting her to make a little laugh or a big smile! Ella is so laid back, but then again I guess she has to be with a two-year and a four-year old constantly talking, screaming, singing, dancing and crying.

Emily family standing

Emily family sitting

Sweet Ella on 12/21, right before her check up


Monday, December 13, 2010

VK Christmas Program 2010

This is Taylor’s second year involved in her daycare’s annual Christmas program (they start participating when they are three at school). She and the rest of the children did a wonderful job! It amazes me how well the children perform in front of such a large crowd and how they can remember all of the songs and little dances.

Taylor has been practicing at home since November. She loves to sing and dance; plus it is so cute that Caroline was able to join in too since she knows some of the songs as well! Taylor is definitely a little performer as she loves attention from everyone! Taylor’s class performed a couple of silly Christmas carols and then did an amazing job of singing Silent Night along with sign language. It was the sweetest thing ever!

I tried to get some group shots but the kids were far too interested in the arts and crafts Mrs.. Kieran and Ms. Renita brought for them.




Taylor’s class was the last group to perform. I must say they did an awesome job, being patient and then performing just like little stars!

It was so hard to get pictures of the performance. The auditorium was extremely crowded and then I was also holding Caroline. Poor little Caroline wasn’t feeling well. She seemed to get progressively worse as the day went on. We soon found out the next day that she had a nasty sinus infection that made her feel just rotten. Rob did however tape the whole thing so we will be able to look back on it.



Ella thought Popie (Rob’s Dad) was pretty funny!




Ella is almost FOUR months already!!!!