Saturday, July 26, 2008

Family Trip to NC Zoo!!

Rob and I decided to take Taylor to the Zoo this morning for a family outing. We now know the perfect time of day to go is early in the morning, right when the Zoo opens. We got there around 9 am this morning and stayed until 12 or so. It was great at that time as it wasn't too hot yet and there weren't that many people around either. As we were leaving there were bus loads of people walking in right in the heat of the day! We timed it just right for sure. I think Taylor's favorite animal of the day was the gorilla. She did not want to leave that exhibit at all. She just sat by the glass watching all of the gorilla's eat and walk around.

Taylor really likes to be around other people. If we did run into a group or a family she would turn around and start walking with them or towards their direction. She would go right back to same animal exhibit we were looking at and act like she was "with that group"...of course she would tell Rob and I to "come on" too as she walked their way :)

Taylor was swinging like this little girl next to her and not wanting to leave the Lion exhibit

Taylor and Daddy seriously looking at the elephant

"Look Mommy Look"--I hear that ALL the time :)

Look what hatched..a sweet little Taylor!!!

We all had a great time and look forward to going back...we got to see most of the animals that interested us except for the Bears. That will be one of the first stops next visit.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Rob took a picture of Taylor's lip on Sunday while I was teaching. Fortunately it does look a little better today. I try to put Neosporin on it at night after she has fallen asleep. Hopefully it will help in a speedy recovery. Daycare told me that she definitely did not want to talk about her big boo-boo and would not let anyone near her mouth. When we got home from school tonight she told me that her "boo-boo hurt"...poor thing!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Taylor's first Big "Boo-Boo"....

So my poor baby got her first fat, busted lip tonight!!!! We were all playing with the big beach ball out in the cul-d-sac and in the grass when Taylor took a bad tumble in the street! It was awful and I felt just helpless and horrified that my baby was hurt. She was bleeding really bad and just screaming. She scraped her nose and her upper lip pretty bad. I really can't tell yet if anything serious happened to her front teeth as she won't let me get too close. She was just pitiful the rest of the night and I felt awful that I couldn't do more to help her. Of course I called my Mom once I got Taylor to sleep to tell her about the incident and just how bad I felt. My Mom told me it was part of motherhood in which we want everything in the world to protect our little ones and take any and all hurt away from them. Goodness that is SO TRUE...guess I understand a little more why my Mom is so protective! Well I know this is just a small mishap but of course it seemed big to me at the time. I am sure Taylor will have more tumbles and "boo-boo's" but I don't think I will ever handle them well.
She is doing OK now as she is sleeping so peacefully in her bed.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

First of all, we hope everyone had a great Fourth of July! We stayed in town and had a great holiday weekend. The unfortunate part is that Rob and I forgot to take the camera with us all weekend!! We spent the Fourth with our friends, Matt, Allison and Audrey at their neighborhood pool and later that day at their house for a cookout. Taylor and Audrey had a blast in the pool. The girls were so cute together. I think Taylor was worn out as she didn't make a peep after going to bed and the fireworks that were going off in our cul-d-sac didn't seem to bother her one bit!
Today we decided to spend the day at home with some good quality family time. We played in the baby pool, in the water table and with all of her other outside toys. Here are some cute pictures that we took this afternoon of Taylor's first Ice Pop; well at least it is the first one we have ever given her :) She loved it!
Say... "CHEESE!"

This is good stuff

Getting every last drop!