Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Florida Trip 2010

I am a little behind on some posts but things have been crazy..you know, the whole song and dance story :)

We took a mini family vacation to St. Augustine Florida this past weekend to visit some good friends of ours, Anthony and Shea Stewart.  We both went to high school with Anthony and Rob and Ant were college roommates at ECU.   Ant and Shea have two little girls too; Morgan who is the same age as Taylor and then Bailey who is 15 months old.  They are two precious little girls who were so good at sharing ALL their toys with Taylor and Caroline!  We had a great time and appreciate the Stewart’s having us for a long weekend. 

We went to the beach on Saturday for part of the day.  The weather was a little unpredictable.  It was sunny for a few minutes and then it would rain for a while.  Despite the crazy weather, we all had a good time out on the beach.  The girls squealed with excitement running back and forth from the sand to the water, jumped over waves, made sand castles and played tag with Anthony.

I believe the girls were worn out from our busy weekend.  They both went right to bed on Monday night and slept in Tuesday morning!  We all had a fabulous trip; good times with good friends!  THANKS AGAIN to the Stewart Family who were wonderful hosts.  Since they are moving to Orlando maybe we will be invited back to see Mickey :)

You can see and hear some of the excitement from Saturday’s beach trip.  I would definitely say that the girls LOVE the beach!

Caroline is starting to become a little bit of a Daddy’s girl!



Funny that these two guys have two little girls :)  I think they both LOVE it and are really good Daddy’s!!







When we got home Monday night, Ant had left the girls a little treat in the car…Sparklers!  Caroline was already asleep on the 4th when we did the sparklers and fireworks so she got to experience them for the first time last night…along with some yummy popsicles!

CHEESE Caroline!




SILLY Taylor!