Sunday, June 5, 2011

9 MONTHS- Update!

I must say I think we are getting BUSIER as the girls get older. Rob and I were just talking tonight and asked ourselves; what did we used to do before the girls?! Right now we have busy times but great times filled with lots of laughs and tons of memories.

Ella went for her 9 month check up on May 24th. WOW little Miss had a big growth spurt! Ella was 18lb. 14oz. (53%) and was a little over 28 3/4 in. tall (78%)!!!! Dr. MacDonald asked me if she wiggled at all during her height measurement because she had grown so much from her 6 month check up. We laughed because that was actually the ONLY time that Ella stayed still as the nurse Susan did that first. Ella was still checking Susan out and wasn’t squirming’ all over the place yet during that measurement.

I always like to compare where the other two girls were at this age too.

Taylor, 9 month check up was on May 22, 2007

Weight, 18lb. 11oz. and Height 28 in.

Caroline, 9 month check up was on May 21, 2009

Weight, 16 lb. 11 oz. and Height 27 3/4 in.

Ella is ONE HAPPY baby though. She LOVES her big sisters and just LOVES to laugh!


Taylor dotes on Ella all the time. As you can see Ella is really into grabbing a hold of your sunglasses…




Taylor is really into “posing”


Wild lady Caroline. This picture of Caroline makes me laugh! She is such a character.



Picture time is NOT easy, ever!




I just give up! I will do individual shots for a while and try to sneak in a group picture. I still (as Caroline says…) LOVE YOU BUNCHES AND BUNCHES girls!

**Now Ella stop growing so fast! I am NOT ready to plan a first birthday party :)!!!

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