Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just for FUN

An afternoon at the park and playing outside at home.  The girls had a great time!  Can you tell Taylor is into being “animated” in her photos right now?…

100_4427 100_4425

 100_4430-1 100_4431

100_4437 100_4436

Taylor’s first soccer game of the season

Two weeks ago Taylor had her first soccer game.  She is always so excited when we talk about going to soccer practice and the games but once we get to the games she isn’t quite as interested in it.  She whines and says she doesn’t want to play?!  Rob and I try not to get upset about it but it gets us both a little fired up.  I just don’t understand why she changes her attitude once we get to the game. Here are some pictures from the first game.  Taylor was insistent on taking some photos…


PawPaw was there as usual showing his support


Chris and Quinn (Taylor’s little buddy who doesn’t care about playing either for the game).  These pictures all make me laugh


Hey at least we did get them on the field :)

Taylor #11 AND Quinn #4


100_4419 100_4418 

100_4423 100_4420

The kids did a great job.  We actually played the blue team and they were pretty serious!  Actually it was their coach that was OVER THE TOP!  I mean she was hard core and took the whole game pretty seriously.  Our kids are just out there to have a good time and try and get the whole game concept…I mean they are only 3 and 4 year olds!  The other teams cheer at half time went a little something like this…

Coach said, “Whose House?!” and the kids on the blue team responded, “OUR HOUSE!!!”

WOW, right?!  We are working on getting our team members to kick the ball in the right direction and not touch the ball with their hands in the middle of the field.  We are making progress and they are all so cute in the process of it all :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

So finally an update! We had a wonderful Easter weekend. The sun has been shining since last week and the weather is SO NICE and WARM. It was actually HOT this weekend. I am a little nervous that we are supposed to hit 90 degrees tomorrow and it is just the beginning of April! I am not sure this pregnant body can take it again for another summer! :)

On Sunday we went to church and breakfast with my parents. It was a nice start to our day. Once we got home the girls played outside, we washed both cars and let Taylor run through the sprinkler when Caroline went down for a nap. We all came in to wash up and head over to Grammy and Pawpaw's for an Easter Egg Hunt and Easter dinner. Rob’s parents (Mimi and Popie) joined us as well. We had a wonderful afternoon. The girls got lots and lots of goodies from both sets of Grandparents…YES they are a little spoiled! Taylor loved the egg hunt but Caroline was not too interested. Grammy and Pawpaw got her a new swing for their backyard and that kept Caroline’s interest most of the afternoon. We had a yummy dinner and even a surprise desert...a big birthday cake for me and Rob! Rob’s birthday was 3/31 and my birthday is today (4/5). We are lucky to be able to celebrate with both of our families!! (Thank you guys!) Hopefully Rob enjoyed his special day last week. The girls and I went to get him a yummy dinner from Fresh Market and a little cake. He walked in from work with the girls singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him; they had been patiently WAITING on him to get home so they could have some cake!

Today was a good birthday for me. Rob had the luxury of having off work today,so he was so good to clean up around the house and start on the laundry while I was at work. He even took me to lunch and had Taylor make me a sweet homemade card. All in all it was a great day…or rather a great weekend!

Here are some pictures from Easter..Beware picture overload!:



Sisterly LOVE


Taylor "posing"


I am not sure what they were looking at but they definitely thought it was I liked this picture of them



Caroline was cheesing it up for the camera!


100_4387 100_4386

Caroline loved her new swing!



Hopefully next time Mommy will remember to bring their Easter baskets over so they don't have to use a plastic bag for the hunt!