Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

First of all we must say a BIG THANK YOU to all the men and women who serve our country. We are so grateful for you and all that you do! We hope you enjoyed this special day in your honor.
We had a great Memorial Day! It was the best feeling waking up this Monday morning and not having to rush around to get the kids to daycare and ourselves to work! Since the weather decided to cooperate, after lunch the girls and I met Grammy for an afternoon of fun in the sun. We packed up and headed out to the pool for a couple of hours. Taylor had a blast splashing around and going down the water slide...over and over again! The water was VERY cold so Caroline didn't splash around too much. She loved every minute though as Grammy held and played with her most of the time and I chased Taylor around. I think our day totally wore both girls out as I had them both asleep tonight by 7:15?!!!

I forgot to take the camera to the pool but Rob wanted to get a couple of shots of the girls in their bathing suits before we left. Taylor had just "pooped" in the potty and she was rewarded with this lollipop. YEAH Taylor!! She did great this weekend with hardly any accidents and I am keeping my fingers crossed she keeps it up this go round :-)
{You may remember a post several months ago where I said Taylor was doing so well potty training? Well that was right after Caroline was born. Taylor did really well there at the beginning but guess she regressed after the baby came along. We are trying this again and hoping it goes better! So far so good! She definitely enjoys all the incentives of going potty!}

Caroline seems really interested in that lollipop but don't think Taylor will be sharing!When we got back from the pool Mr. Dennis, our neighbor and his boys (Luke and Grant) were over hanging out with Rob. Dennis and his wife Layne are always so good to our girls. Taylor and Caroline are always really excited to see them and we are lucky to have such great neighbors!

Right before bath and bed, Rob captured story time with Taylor and Mommy. Taylor still loves books. She is always asking us to read to her and sometimes she will try to read us a story too...that is always so cute!

Ice Cream Sunday!

We had a fabulous family filled weekend. On Sunday morning we went to church and breakfast with Grammy and PawPaw. Then later that afternoon we decided to treat Taylor with some yummy Ben and Jerry's ice cream. She decided that she wanted "white ice cream with colored sprinkles on top!" That is just what she got, except I was a little sneaky and ordered her vanilla frozen yogurt instead. She loved it to say the least!
We didn't give Caroline any this trip although I am sure she would have loved it too!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Guess who crawled to me this morning?! CAROLINE!!!
I went in to get her out of the crib this morning and like normal she was so happy, smiling and kicking her feet in excitement. I stood at the opposite end of her crib and she just crawled right to me like she had been doing it forever.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

2 Years 9 months AND 9 Months!

Taylor was 2 years and 9 months old yesterday AND Caroline is exactly 9 months old today! Seriously I know I say this all the time lately, but really where does the time go?!
Both girls are doing really well; they are healthy and happy and that in itself is a real true blessing.

Sweet Caroline went for her 9 month check up yesterday. She weighed in at 16 lbs. 11 oz. (40%); height 27 3/4 inches (41%) and her head size was in the 15th percentile. This picture shows her norm...all smiles and lots of giggles!

Two years ago Taylor weighed 18 lbs. 11oz and was 28 inches in height at her 9 month check up. I guess their measurements are not too different. Taylor has grown up so much and so quickly since then too :) She won't go back to Dr. for a check up until her 3rd birthday but we did have to take her in a few weeks ago for an ear infection. She weighed 34 lbs and is really tall like her Daddy.

Taylor is full of it these days. She continues to make Rob and I laugh all the time although then the next minute we want to scream as she just won't listen?! I guess that is a joy of being a parent and having a two year old. I wouldn't trade a minute of it though as I love my girls to pieces. Not sure what she is doing that is "new" as it seems everyday she seems to know more and more. She comprehends a lot more now and is starting to question everything. She wants to know "WHY?" everything happens. I never thought I would say it but have found myself answering after the fourth time or so..."Because I said so..." I know she is just being inquisitive and working on piecing everything together. I do try to be patient.

Caroline has been working on the crawling thing for a couple of weeks now. It seems as though she would almost just prefer to stand up. Finally within the last week she has started to move a little on both knees or with one leg out.Often times I find her in the plank or push up position (Again, yes I taught her that and she has great form...just kidding)
She will be speed crawling before we know it so we will enjoy this slow pace now! A few things Caroline is doing right now:
1. Adores her big sister; Caroline thinks Taylor is really funny!
2. Loves our dogs, Duke and Rusty
3. Is a mover and a shaker and can't sit still!
4. Gabs all the wonder who she gets that from?! :-)
Sometimes you can make out a word like MaMa or ByeBye but nothing constant
5. Is teething...recently her bottom two teeth poked through
6. Really enjoys watching t.v.
7. Can wave "bye-bye"sometimes
8. Thinks it is really funny when you blow her a kiss or try to get her to do it
9. Loves to eat the Gerber Puffs...any flavor!
10. We just started to feed her some table food. She ate carrots the other night for the first time. She seem to do ok except they were a little hard for her to pick up. The more she eats solids, the less interested she has become in her formula. Hopefully we can break her of the bottle right at 12 months like we did with Taylor!

These two girls are my everything! They mean to world to Rob and I; we are so blessed for our healthy happy growing girls!

(I had "picture time" before school/work today)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First Wagon Ride

This time around two years ago, Grammy and PawPaw got Taylor her red wagon. That really was one of the best gifts ever as she still uses it today. Well tonight Taylor decided she wanted to take a ride with her little sister and Caroline was super excited about her first ride! Caroline smiled and laughed the whole time as she kept dangling her sippy cup off the side of the wagon. We left Caroline sitting in the wagon for a bit while we played a game with Taylor. I had forgotten how much we used it for Taylor when we were outside. Caroline had the best time clapping her hands, playing with some of her toys and watching everyone around her.
Taylor has just recently started to interact and play with Caroline. I am thinking soon they will be running around chasing one another, having some sisterly fights and all in all enjoying some fun times!

This little girl LOVES to stand where she can see all the action! She will stand here forever. Just recently she will attempt to put one foot in front of the other. No she isn't walking or even cruising furniture yet but she sure is interested in it...maybe in a few months :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Caroline is 8 months!

So Caroline obviously loves the Gerber Graduates Bitter Biscuits! I am not sure why I never gave them to Taylor, well guess it could be b/c they are extremely messy :)
It definitely keeps Caroline content and occupied for a while though! As Taylor ran through the sprinkler on Saturday, Caroline and I sat on the porch watching and C eating her biscuit. These pictures were so funny as Caroline looked like one Hot Mess!!!
Sorry for the picture over load, but I laugh every time I see them and couldn't pick which ones to post.

Silly Taylor...she was insistent that I take her picture laying in the drive way?!

Messy girl!
So Caroline had to go into the Dr. for a sick visit around her 8 month birthday and she weighed in at 16 lbs. She is getter bigger by the day! Fortunately she didn't have an ear infection although they think she may suffer from allergies like Rob. We started giving her Zyrtec at night. So far it seems to be helping and now with the weather finally getting warmer and more consistent hopefully we can get rid of the runny nose and bad cough! Caroline is a mover and a shaker. We can barely hold her as she just wants to stand or move around all the time. She got her first tooth (the bottom left) the week she turned 8 months and I just noticed tonight that the bottom right tooth is starting to surface too.
She is still getting a little frustrated that she can't move around as quickly as she would like. She is able to move backwards and is working on the forward motion.
She has gotten up on her knees and done one or two knee moves...then she flattens out kicks her feet and arms or pushes up on her toes into a push up position...Oh yes we have been practicing that one, as some of you know she and Taylor will be doing push ups and crunches soon in class with me...just kidding :-)
Caroline is growing up too fast and so is her big sister Taylor! I try to cherish every moment and every new milestone.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

I must first send out a HUGE thank you to the best woman I know...My Mom!!! I hope you have the best Mother's Day and know how much you are loved and appreciated.

Today I actually had a wonderful Mother's Day! I spent the day with my husband, two sweet little girls and also my Mom and couldn't have been a better day!!
We decided to take the girls to the NC Zoo today after a nice Mother's Day breakfast. We all really enjoyed the zoo and a family filled day. After the zoo Grammy and PawPaw came back to our house while Rob grilled a tasty dinner. It was the end to a fabulous Mother's Day.
Thank you!!! (No pictures of Grammy today :( Sorry!!!)

Me and My two girls who mean the WORLD to me! I love you both SO MUCH!!!!
We tried several times to get everyone looking at the camera and at least half a smile..Caroline seemed a little confused :)
It was a little chilly when we first got to the zoo. I only had this extra onesie to put on least it was an extra layer to keep her warmer.
The Carousel was a Big Hit...PawPaw and Taylor waiting for the tickets and their turn to ride.
Caroline watched from the picnic visit she can ride too.

Grammy bought two tickets by mistake. Taylor wasn't upset she had to go again! Mommy's turn

OK and really, I promise we did go to the zoo! I obviously only got the camera out twice and neither time did I take pictures of the animals :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kids say the funniest things!

So I always used to love watching that show Bill Cosby hosted about the funniest things kids say. I wish I could just hold a tape recorder all day around Taylor. She is really talking up a storm these days. She sings, says riddles and nursery rhymes and has actual conversations with us now!?! Wow she is growing up too fast!!

When we all get home from work and school, Rob and I always ask Taylor how her day at school was and what she did that day. On Tuesday night Taylor and I were walking in the back door when I asked her, "How was school today Taylor?" She replied, "It was good. I played with my friends." and then she asks me, "Mommy how was work today?" It was so matter of fact and sounded too grown up for her to say/ was too cute!
Rob and I find ourselves laughing at all the things she constantly does and says!
The other night she asked me a question and after I answered it she said "Good job Mom! Now you can have a prize." I mean these little kids are such sponges. They take it all in and are so smart!

Tonight after we looked over her school pictures she had this one of her entire class from daycare. We giggled because she went through and pointed to every one of her classmates and told us their names, but the funny part of it was that she told us their first, middle and last names! It was so sweet yet so funny, especially with some of her pronunciations.
Oh, Rob and I also laughed about where Taylor was in this picture. She didn't look like she really wanted to be a part of it all. I am sure she was trying to run off and play as it looks like Ms. April is trying to hold her still for the picture...our little wild child :)

We love her so much...even as I type this and she KEEPS coming up with excuses to come out of her room instead of laying down and going Nite-Nite!!! We still love her and are enjoying every minute of being a Mommy and Daddy to her and Caroline.

School pictures

A couple of weeks ago we had school pictures taken at Village Kids.

Taylor turned 32 months the day before these pictures were taken...I never use months any more for her as I usually just say two and half (Although I think she could probably pass as a 4 year old!) Taylor and Caroline were just not into the whole picture thing that morning. Usually they are all smiles but the photographer couldn't work her normal magic with them; they were not amused by her :)
We tried to get pictures of them together in their coordinating Polo outfits but none of those shots came out well. I was a little bummed as I have been trying and really wanting a good picture of both girls together.
See Taylor was not sure if she really wanted to smile at that lady!!! I mean is she trying to get out of the chair...I think if we waited one more second she would have been standing! Silly adorable Taylor!
Caroline turned 8 months the day this was taken. Poor little girl; she wasn't as happy as normal that morning and we think she might suffer from allergies like Rob. Her eyes were so red and a little puffy. She is still our little peanut, sweet and cute as ever!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sweet Ellie!

My good friend Laura and her adorable 4 month old baby Ellie came over this weekend for a visit. Laura and I have been best of friends since grade school. It is so exciting that our little girls are so close in age as we hope they will have a great friendship too.
Ellie is so cute and such a good baby. Caroline and Ellie just stared at one another, although Caroline did grab at Ellie's eyes. She loves to touch everyone's face?!

A princess movie was on he TV and Ellie was pretty intrigued by that! Caroline, that is such a sad, serious face?!


Ellie was showing us her new trick..yeah she is rolling over!

Caroline REALLY REALLY wants to move, either crawl or walk and is SO frustrated that she can't put it all together yet! Guess her big sister Taylor was trying to show her how?!
Silly girls!