Monday, April 4, 2011

Ella is growing like a little weed!! She has some new tricks too. She can sit all by herself, waves bye-bye, and is trying to crawl! She is doing the whole army crawl thing. Ella is so close to putting it all together. She still gets up on her feet, doing a downward dog or a great plank! (I am telling you she has always had the strongest abs!!) I have been working the furniture market the past week so Rob has had a lot of alone time with the girls. He and Ella hung out Sunday while the older two went to spend the afternoon with Grammy. Rob said Ella was getting even closer this weekend. I know she wants to move along with her busy sisters but am I ready for her to crawl?! I would prefer that she just walk. I know that isn't easier to keep up with but then she isn't on the ground, hurting her little knees, picking up dog hair and anything else that lands on the floor that I can't quickly get to. Either way, my baby is growing up and I know I am not ready for that :)

Rob took some pictures of Ella sitting watching TV...I think that is her Daddy's favorite thing!

First Beach Trip

We made it to the beach a couple of weekends ago for a weekend get away with my parents. I had to wait until Thursday night to tell the girls we were going to the beach on Friday. I knew they would be extremely excited and would ask me every 20 minutes if it was time to go yet?! Friday afternoon we headed to Ocean Isle for the weekend. Needless to say, it wasn't a pleasant trip in the car with Caroline! Whew, terrible two's are just not fun in the car for FOUR LONG hours. (Although I will say that Sunday's trip back wasn't nearly as bad! Friday she did not have a nap and was fighting sleep the whole time we rode to the beach; I am sure that did not help matters!)

There was a good amount of sunshine on Friday and Saturday but the temps could have definitely been warmer! The girls loved playing on the beach and running into the water. If we would have allowed them to put on their bathing suits, they would have loved it and gone all the way in the water. The cold temps didn't seem to even phase them!

So who do you think was VERY excited about the NEWS of heading to the beach the next day?!

Oh and Ella just can't beleive it :-)

These girls were in heaven going walking on the beach with Grammy in hunt for some seashells

Now how funny is this picture of Caroline?! She is REALLY into her sunglasses!

Ella's first trip to the beach...

Some girls love the beach in any type of weather... Taylor told me she found shark's teeth?!
El- Next year you will be running with them too!
Rob and I were impressed that Taylor took this good picture of us; maybe we will have a future photographer on our hands!