Tuesday, October 21, 2008

8 Week Check-up!

Rob took some pictures today of Caroline. He was so proud of their little photo shoot that I had to post some of his work :)

So where does the time go?! Caroline had her 8 week check up today. Poor little thing had to get three shots. I am so glad that I didn't have to witness them. They drew blood from her tiny toe last week and that was enough to break my heart!!
I am working the furniture market this week so Rob had all day Daddy duty with the little one today. He took Caroline to the Dr. this morning. She weighs 9lbs 12 oz (25%) and is 23 inches long (75%). I had a list of questions for Rob to ask the Dr. I can only assume he and the Dr. were making fun of me and my list. I tried to get this appointment changed to next week so I could be there as I am simply an inquisitive Mom and just want to make sure everything is normal...if there is a "normal" with an infant :)
Rob did a great job for his first Dr. visit for Caroline without me!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pictures of our little angels

Caroline has so many different faces/expressions. We still don't know who she looks like. She is a sweetie! We really have been giving Caroline baths but I have failed to take any pictures of her until this week. Actually Rob ran up the other night with the camera while I was bathing Caroline. I am glad he thought of it since I haven't! :)
I still think Taylor looks like her Daddy, but at times I can see some of me in her. She keeps us laughing all the time and definitely keeps us on our toes. She is a little sassy...wonder where she gets that from :)
Taylor is really just NOT into us taking her pictures much these days but I try when I can!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

What kids say....So cute!

So Taylor was taking a bath last night and I was just listening to her sing and play in the tub when she started to sing a song that made me smile. I am not sure what the song is but assume she learned it at daycare. She was singing, "God made me, God made me..." I asked her who made her and she simply replied, "God." It was the cutest thing ever and really touched me. I have always loved her daycare as I am comfortable leaving her there with her teachers. This was just one more example of what a great job they do in teaching the children.
Taylor then started to clean up all her bath toys and made up her own song. She combined two songs and sang loudly, "I love you. God loves me. We're a happy family." Obviously she really likes the Barney song too :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Time Flies by

So I have been meaning to update our blog but just have not gotten around to it. Life is crazy these days! It is certainly different with two little ones. We are so blessed with our two little healthy girls but everyday is a new adventure that sometimes brings on new challenges :)
Needless to say it has been a little hard to get around to posting, although I also hate that our computer takes forever to download pictures to the site!
It is hard to beleive that my maternity leave is over as of tomorrow!! Well I actually start the furniture market on Saturday until next Friday and then I start back at Polo the following week. Where does the time go?! Caroline is eight weeks old today and is doing great. Taylor still loves her and calls her, "MY Baby Caroline."
We are still working on this whole potty training thing. We definitely have our good and our bad days. Although Taylor really likes to get her blue and red M & M for going potty! (Whatever works, right?!)

So back on October 4th Rob and I were able to break away for a few hours for Morgan and Brad's wedding. My sister-in-law was a life saver as she came over to watch both girls. THANKS yet again Brandy!! Taylor played with her cousin Ellie all night and Brandy held Caroline most of the night while still trying to feed, play and put the two older girls down for the night. Sounds hectic to me!
Rob and I had a nice time at the wedding as it was nice to get out. Over the last couple of years you won't find many pictures of Rob and I together. I assume it is b/c we are concentrating on taking pictures of the girls. Well I was determined to get one of the two of us this night.

Me, Laura (7 months Pregs!!) and Meredith

Great picture of Mom and Dad!
Love ya!

Pumpkin Patch with Grammy...

Well this past weekend Taylor, Caroline, Grammy and I went to the pumpkin patch on Sunday. I mentioned it to Taylor before she went down for her nap that day then Rob and I decided later that we would go after work on Tuesday instead. As soon as Taylor woke up she couldn't stop talking about the pumpkin patch and when we were going. Since Rob was doing yard work, the girls and I went with Grammy. Taylor loved it! She kept climbing over all the pumpkins like it was one big play ground. She did pick out two pumpkins for her and Caroline...of course Caroline's was smaller than hers :) Still it was sweet that she picked one out for Caroline as well.

Grammy trying to rock Caroline back to sleep

HAIR CUT for Taylor and same Pumpkin Patch but with Daddy...

On Tuesday Taylor had her first hair cut with Leah. I really want Taylor's hair to grow! Of course I want to style it and put it up in cute bows. Taylor is not so much into keeping her hair bow in though. Everyday I put it up to at least keep her hair out of her face but when I pick her up from daycare it is wild! Her hair and usually her clothes are out of control by the end of the day. I always know by the looks of her that she has had a good day and played hard! I figured we would let Leah trim and shape up Taylor's hair. Hopefully it will start to grow and thicken. Taylor did great for Leah. You can tell by the expression on her face that she was not sure of the whole process but as soon as I brought out the goldfish she was just fine! Leah gave her a lollipop and that really did the trick. Leah did a wonderful job--THANKS! And Taylor looks cute with her new cut and in her hair bow.

Before...not sure about this salon/hair cut thing!

All done...SAY CHEESE! Thanks Leah!

After the hair cut the girls and I went to Rob's work and then off to the pumpkin patch. Taylor was still excited about going again. She was all over the place; picking up pumpkins (she really likes the smaller pumpkins), climbing over the pumpkins and running around! This visit we got our big pumpkin to carve before Halloween.

We tried to get a picture together...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Taylor is really growing up!

So Taylor is not our "little one" any more. She is getting to be such a Big Girl. She is almost potty trained...well we are working on the night time thing and some accidents here and there still but she is doing a great job. Anyone who suggested the M & M trick, a big thank you as that helps a lot!! Taylor got this adorable backpack from my good friend Marie and her daughter Sydney for her birthday. She took it with her for her morning out with Grammy and PawPaw this Saturday. She looked so cute we had to get some photos. She actually posed for a few!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Some good lovin' from Grammy
Sweet Pea!
Snoozing in her favorite spot...the car seat right after a morning walk.