Sunday, June 26, 2011


This afternoon Rob and I took the girls to their first Grasshopper Game for this season.  I am pretty sure the girls had a blast!

As were walking to our seats we were approached by the entertainment guy (Sorry but I don’t know his name).  He asked us if we were all together and where our seats were, well after answering him he told us to follow him because he had the best seats in town for us.  We got to sit on some big comfy Lazy Boy recliners and were on the first level behind home plate.  Lazy Boy was doing some type of promotion tonight at the game.  We got to sit in their chairs and after the third inning the grasshopper media shot the camera over our way and we were on the BIG SCREEN.



The girls loved the action throughout the game.  Caroline was pretty worried about seeing Guilford the Grasshopper and asked for him every 2 minutes!  She was not interested in a picture with him but she did finally give a high five.

Taylor definitely was NOT scared and was upset until we finally got a picture


I think she got one BIG hug from Guilford too!


Caroline was the best cheerleader out in the ball field.  She cheered and clapped throughout the game.  She really enjoyed chanting, “GO TEAM WORK!” and cheering for the boys in orange as she kept referring to the Grasshopper team.





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Brandi Reeves said...

I don't think a more beautiful and charismatic family could've been chosen for the debut on the big screen! Now that's royal treatment :)