Sunday, September 5, 2010

More Birthday celebrations?!

The birthday pool party was on Caroline's actual birthday which is 8/21 and Taylor's actual birthday is 8/20. For Taylor's special day, we had both grandparents over for dinner and cake to celebrate. The girls were so excited about opening their gifts from all of us. They loved it all so I am not sure what was the "favorite" present for them. A big THANKS again to Grammy, PawPaw and Mimi, Popie for all the nice gifts!!
Here are just some pictures of the girls on Friday 8/20. (Please note it was Pajama Day at daycare and that is why Taylor is sporting her PJ's!)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to ALL my girls!

It is like Christmas in August for the McKay house since we have ALL three birthdays in August now and even in the same week. Whew...goodness how did that really happen?! Promise it was NOT planned that way, but looks like that is how God saw it fit for us and we are truly blessed. We have three healthy little girls and I would not change a single thing!!!
I will say though that I would have preferred not to cut it so close to delivering a baby and having a birthday party for the older girl(s) every two years :)
Yes again this year, I had to pre-plan a lot of the girls' birthday party since it was scheduled for August 21st and I was due August 16th with Ella! This year we did a pool party and I tried to keep it simple but still cute. At least I had a few days in between the delivery and the party. Again this year my in-laws and my parents were a HUGE help with the party. My mom helped me all week get prepared with all the last minute details and my in-laws helped set up that Saturday afternoon in the HOTTEST time of the day...thanks again to ALL of you!

Thanks to one my friends, we had this awesome Birthday Banner! Mandy, you did a fabulous job and I REALLY appreciate you letting us borrow it. It matched perfectly!! I promise I will send it back soon. I keep forgetting to get it in the mail :)

Taylor, our big 4 year old

Thanks Uncle Keith for helping Caroline...Yummy icing!
Loving some cake and ice cream!
Working on holding up TWO fingers to show her age...still working on it!

Taylor LOVES to jump off the diving board!!!
And she is doing so well swimming.
Silly cousin Ellie!
Getting ready to pack up and end a great day at the pool. Our families were a huge help! Little Ella actually sat in her car seat the whole time just a snoozing!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


As most of us know, Rob's favorite team of all time is DUKE. Our good friend Shannon gave the girls a Duke shirt for their birthday. Tonight Caroline picked her PJ's out and insisted on wearing her pink DUKE shirt and then Taylor wanted to be "twins" with Caroline and wear her Duke night gown. This was Rob's perfect opportunity to take a couple of shots of the girls.
Thanks Shannon...great gift!! :)

Baby shower...LATE posting!

So back in July two of my closest friends, Meredith and Laura insisted on throwing me a baby shower for baby #3. Rob and I were very hesitant since this was our third child and yet another girl but Meredith and Laura insisted so I gave be honest it was really nice to get some new things. As we all know little girl items are TOO cute and you can never have to many things in pink, big bows and sassy outfits!!!
I am so fortunate to have such caring and thoughtful friends and family. Thank you to everyone!!!!