Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just some pictures

Loving this swing--thanks Emily!!!

(I think this picture is so funny of her; doesn't really look like Caroline!)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Silly Taylor

So Taylor is becoming VERY independent these days. She wants to do everything herself and responds to everything with "Me do it!" I think I forgot to mention too in my posts that we have been potty training Taylor. She is doing really well. She came home from school today in the same pair of pants that I sent her in this morning! That means no accidents all day--YEAH Taylor.
Well I was doing laundry yesterday when she got home and she decided to undress herself and wanted to put on Daddy's underwear. I thought these pictures were too cute not to share!
(She will kill me one day for posting these!!)


So Caroline had her 4 week check up on Monday. She is doing really well. Fortunately there weren't any shots this visit! She weighed in at 7lbs and 12 oz (25%) and is 22 in long (80%). I guess so far she is taking after her Daddy, long and lean!! I didn't schedule this appointment too well with the feeding schedule and poor Dr. Anderson had to hear Caroline scream the WHOLE time as she was really hungry. I am sure he is used to it though.

Morning of Caroline's appointment...4 weeks already!!!

Sweet Caroline

She can't decide if she likes this pacifer thing...

Afterwards we went by to visit my good friend Meredith and her little girl Kennedy. Kennedy is 9 months old and is so cute! She is ready to start moving as I think she will be crawling any day now. It was funny to watch Kennedy as she didn't care that there was a baby in her Mom's arms at all. Kennedy was busy rolling around and playing with the water bottle and Caroline was getting some good lovin' from Meredith.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


So I know that Rob is not liking this post but I had to show some of my own school spirit with little Caroline dressed in her NC State gear!
Rob dressed Taylor on Saturday morning and put on her ECU shirt for the big game! ECU was playing NC State and I thought I would dress Caroline up in this outfit. Of course Rob was not a big fan of it but he did let me take Caroline out in the outfit that morning (bow and all!!) to run a couple of errands.
Guess Caroline was wearing the RIGHT colors that day as it was a big upset for Daddy and the Pirates. GO PACK!
I thought these pictures were sweet.
(Taylor was camera shy yet again so no pictures of her from this weekend)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New updates...

It is hard to believe that Caroline is 3 weeks old. She is so sweet and Taylor is being a good big sister to her!
Last week Susan Rives and Mimi came by to visit with all of us. I do think Susan is so ready to be a Grandma herself as she always loves on our girls. She is too good to us and spoils the girls! Taylor got her first Webkinz from Susan; it is an adorable little puppy that Taylor named Ashley (not sure where she got that name but it is the first time Taylor has ever named any of her stuffed animals or baby dolls!) Of course Caroline fell right to sleep after being held in Susan arms.
Some pictures from last Tuesday night...

On Wednesday Uncle Tom was in town to see Grandma Kenney and visit with all of us. During the day, the girls and I had a wonderful time with Uncle Tom as usual. After work, Rob, Grammy and PawPaw joined us over at our house for dinner. It is always so nice to have Uncle Tom in town...we missed Aunt Sharon and hope she can make the next trip! Taylor had the best time with Uncle Tom. They read books, played with her new kitchen and had a good time with one another. He taught her "cheers" too at dinner (see below picture). Rob and I laugh because Taylor said "Cheers" to Rob the other night with her milk in hand...too cute!

Finally some pictures of the girls together! I don't have them looking at the camera yet but thought these were cute pictures to share.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


So Rob was pretty excited about the Big win for the ECU Pirates on Saturday! He definitely wanted pictures of the girls on this blog of their ECU shirts. Unfortunately yet again I was not able to get a photo of Taylor and Caroline together. That was really my intention as they have matching shirts!

Adorable Daddy picture!
Caroline already a Pirate Fan! I love that this bow stays in her hair!!!
Mrs. Crocker came to visit today and Caroline loved spending time with her & Grammy.
Mimi and Popie came to visit this weekend too
On Saturday we went to the Natural Science Center for Audrey Palmadessa's 2nd birthday party. This was Caroline's second birthday party and she is only 2 weeks old :)
Caroline slept most of the party and Taylor was all over the place having a good time with all the animals. Everyone at the party talked about how Taylor has no fear. During their time with all the different critters, she was the first and most eager to touch/pet the animals. We definitely do not have a shy child! We had a great time and hope Audrey enjoyed her party.

Caroline at the Birthday party...snoozing!

Taylor up close with the critters.

Who is this little bug?!

Friday, September 5, 2008

More pictures...

The Smart Start Home Nurse, Jennifer came on Thursday; Caroline was exactly 2 weeks old and she weighed in at 6lbs and 6oz. She is still a little peanut!

So I really need to work on getting both girls in a photo together. It is so crazy to me that the two of them do not look alike at all! Although I do think that all of that wild and dark hair on Caroline changes her whole look. I am still struggling to put bows/clips in Taylor's hair and Caroline has so much a small clip works out!