Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast

For the Thanksgiving Holiday, we were able to spend the evening with lots of friends and family. Almost every Thanksgiving my Aunt Kathy rents out her clubhouse in her neighborhood and we all get together for good food and good times for the special holiday. Seems like every year, the family grows even more! This year we had two new additions. My cousin Tim and his wife Leigh had a little girl, Julia in October and she is absolutely adorable! Ella is only three months old, so this time next year they will be crawling or chasing after one another. It was the year for girls…well and the last four years of girls for Rob and I. :-) The kids had a great time with one another. They played hide-and-seek, tag and just about anything else they could think of to do!

Everyone is doing great! Ella is growing so much and so quickly. She really wants to sit up and look at what is going on around her. If you lay her on her back, she will try and sit up! It looks like she is doing a perfect sit up…well I have been working with her on that when I am going over my fitness routines at home (totally just kidding!!) Seriously though, for such a little peanut, Miss Ella is a strong little girl, just like her older two sisters.

Taylor and Caroline absolutely adore Ella. They love talking to her and making her laugh. Now Rob and I are just trying to make Taylor and Caroline understand that Ella can hear and see them just fine and there is really no need for them to get right in her face!! I know on occasion I use just a little bit of a different tone of voice when talking to Ella. Taylor has really picked up on this and does quiet an extreme baby talk voice with Ella!!! It is a little much and we have asked to back down from it a bit, although I must say Ella thinks Taylor is hilarious. Taylor usually gets a big smile or a sweet laugh from Ella. It is just priceless.

Caroline, Ellie and Ella



This might be the one and only picture we have of Uncle Adam and the girls. We were so glad he was there to celebrate with us. Wish Taylor had her eyes open in this one. She is at that stage where she likes to be really silly for pictures though…still a sweet pic


Caroline and Aiden


We REALLY tried to get a picture of the three girls…not a good framer but a keeper :)



Just some random pictures from this month.




This one just makes me laugh!!!


Ella is doing so well sitting in her Bumbo and thinks Mommy is so funny too!


Busy Times and SO MANY decisions!

Every year at this time, I feel like I am stressed with all of the Holiday festivities, parties, presents and the list could could on and on.  Of course in the midst of all this madness I still want to send out Christmas cards to our families and friends.  I am always excited to see whose card we will receive each year and then I always LOVE it when it is a photo card!  I mean, sometimes that is the only time I will see some of them.  With all that said, I usually like to send out a picture of at the least the kids for our Christmas card too. 

Again, that just adds to the business of everything since we have to get our pictures made, decide on the picture, and THEN narrow down what card we will use.  There are a TON of fabulous cards to choose from from all different sites.  I am impressed with the various options on  Shutterfly and I just KNOW I will have a hard time on this decision.  A blogger friend of mine told me that you can also receive 50 FREE CARDS from Shutterfly…Find out more HERE. These are a couple of my favs….now I just have to narrow down our pictures and narrow down which card!!!

These are ONLY a FEW of the ones that I like of the flat stationery cards…the list goes on and on!  There are so many, so you have to go check it out NOW.  I have go back to make sure which one I really want to use!

Shutterfly also has other products that I just might use as gifts for some family members.  Grandparents especially adore pictures of their grandkids.  Well with three girls, that we think are precious and have totally stolen the hearts of their Grammy, PawPaw and Mimi, Popie we might be choosing from Shutterfly’s gift ideas.  You need to check it out too.

Now if you are a blogger, go ahead take this opportunity to get FREE CARDS this year!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Picture updates


Caroline often asks me take a picture of her.  She was waiting to go to school.


Ella 9 weeks…



Taylor picked out the perfect pumpkin



Caroline is not so sure about all this corn



Although I am pretty sure Taylor enjoyed it!


Ella 10 weeks wearing my favorite hat (although Rob is not a big fan of it!  He doesn’t say too much anymore though since this is the third time around he is dealing with ALL this GIRLY GIRL stuff!)


Ella’s new tummy mat…Thanks Grammy :)

(Ella 11 weeks)



Silly girls


A couple of weeks ago, we had a weekend of birthday parties.  Morgan and Quinn turned 4 the first week of November.  Morgan invited the girls to Sparkle Plenty where they got to dress up, get their hair fixed with LOTS of glitter, wear lots of make up and even paint their little nails.  Since we had Quinn’s party afterwards I was able to steer Caroline away from the salon and she just dressed up and danced her little heart out with the rest of the party girls.  It was a fabulous place for a little girls’ party. 





She was being SO STILL that I think she almost fell asleep



These girls love to dance and the big stage!!





With the birthday girl…




One tired little girl…we hadn’t even made it into Quinn’s party yet.  Sorry we took Ella to Quinn’s Super Hero birthday party and didn’t have time to take pictures.  We all had a great time though and both girls were worn out from the fun busy day!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had a very busy and fun Halloween.  On Sunday morning we went to the NC Zoo with our neighbors, The Weaver’s.  The girls absolutely ADORE this family.  Whenever we are outside and Dennis or Layne come home, Taylor and Caroline go running over to their cars to greet them as they open the door.  The girls really enjoy playing with their two boys, Luke and Grant.  They always have a good time so Taylor and Caroline were very excited that we were ALL going to the Zoo together on Halloween morning.

Once we got home that afternoon, the fun didn’t stop!  Both sets of Grandparents came over that evening for dinner and the Halloween festivities.  The girls were plain exhausted from the busy morning at the zoo and then on top of all the excitement building up to the night.  They didn’t really want anything to eat except for CANDY.  My goodness it was a crazy.  While all of the adults were eating dinner, Taylor was so excited to hand out the candy to kids that stopped by our house.

After dinner, the grandparents were so nice and helpful (as usual) and they cleaned up the dishes and enjoyed some quiet time with Ella while Rob and I took the older two out trick or treating.  The girls loved it!  Between the two of them, I have never seen so much candy.

Poor little Caroline most likely ate WAY too much candy as she got sick ALL over the place that night.  Once she got all that sugar up though, she was fine!  Taylor told me later that morning, “Mommy you were right about the candy!”  I had told the girls if they eat too much candy their belly will hurt really bad and they might get sick!  Taylor said she was “right too” because she is a big girl and she already knew that she shouldn’t eat anymore candy and that is why she didn’t get sick…gotta love these little ones and what they say! :-)

Halloween Zoo 2010 with the Weaver's 004

Taylor JUST has a lollipop in her mouth!

Halloween Zoo 2010 with the Weaver's 009

Caroline LOVED and I mean LOVED the Zebra bus that took us from the Africa side of the park to the North America side.

Halloween Zoo 2010 with the Weaver's 012 

Halloween Zoo 2010 with the Weaver's 028 100_5166

Taylor and Caroline had so much fun on the little playground too that we had to bribe them with candy to head to the next stop.

Halloween Zoo 2010 with the Weaver's 015 

Halloween Zoo 2010 with the Weaver's 013 

Halloween Zoo 2010 with the Weaver's 016 

Luke and the girls on the Merry Go Round!

Halloween Zoo 2010 with the Weaver's 018 

Caroline with her buddy Grant

Halloween Zoo 2010 with the Weaver's 017 

The Gorilla and the girls :-)


Our Little pumpkin Ella (11 weeks old); She got to spend some QT with Grammy and PawPaw while we went to the Zoo


The “good” witch and Sleepy Minnie Mouse (Promise Caroline wasn’t asleep although I am sure at this point she wished she was fast asleep in her comfy bed!)



Caroline LOVES Mr. Dennis!