Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Taylor has been taking tap and ballet with a group of girls from her daycare all year. Their teacher from Extravadnace is Ms. Erica. Ms. Erica has done a fabulous job throughout the year. As I mentioned in the below post, their recital was last week and the girls did an awesome job! I really wish I had video to show you but no cameras or videos were allowed. All 13 girls were really good. Usually there is always one or two girls in the group who gets a little shy and stage fright once they get up in front of the BIG crowded auditorium....WELL NOT THIS GROUP! The girls were all so eager to get out on the stage and perform. I was really amazed. There wasn't one girl who just stood there, sucking her finger or messing with her hair. They all were doing their dancing thing on stage and they LOVED it! I think they were the best 3-4 year old group in the whole recital (but yes I am a little biased!)

I was a back stage Mom along with Sloane and Isabella's Moms. The girls were all so good backstage too...especially seeing how the recital lasted almost 3 hours!

Lily, Taylor and Sloane passing the time by doing a little princess art work.

Seriously I could eat them up! Isn't Taylor's hair adorable?!...well I do owe a HUGE THANK YOU to Sloane's Mom, Kristina for doing that for us. I tried the night of pictures and it was a total mess!

We were trying to line them up to go out on stage. Taylor and Sloane were very excited to be the youngest in the class and were the LEADERS :)
Ms. Erica presented them with their individual trophies and the girls were beyond excited!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dance 2010

Taylor took dance this year at Extravadance in Kernersville. Their pictures were taken two weeks ago and then her recital was this past weekend. Taylor absolutely LOVED dance this year. She is quite the performer too. She really enjoys singing, dancing and putting on "shows" for us. I hope to update tomorrow with some recital pictures.