Monday, October 18, 2010

Story Time

Taylor loves to read and loves an audience even more. She was so excited to read Ella her bedtime story.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Professional Pictures

When Ella was a week old, we went to a studio in Winston Salem for some newborn and family shots.
Julie was great to work with during our session. She has the patience of a saint to get these sweet newborn shots! As for Taylor and Caroline, they just loved playing with all of her props and were running all over the studio pushing strollers, pulling little wagons and playing with tons of fun things!
Here is a sneak peek at just a few of the precious moments Julie captured of the girls. I wish we could have ordered all the pictures as it was so hard to decide which ones we wanted to buy. We had a hard time narrowing them all down!

Check out Uppercase Photography's blog:

More and More Pictures

PLEASE enough pictures MOM! (Ella 5 weeks)

What a mess but so CUTE!

Ella 6 weeks…she looks like she has just had enough :)
I thought this picture was funny with Ella just not so happy!
Oh YES Caroline loves the camera and is now starting to refuse to sit in her booster seat!
Ella (Almost 7 weeks)
Sleeping Beauty. Ella, 7 weeks
Ella, almost 8 weeks
I love it when babies sleep like this!
Looks like she is already giving us the finger :)
Ella 8 weeks with her Little Big Sister Caroline
Sweet little kisses
I TRIED to get a picture of them all together. The girls want to hold Ella all the time. She is so loved and has two great big sisters!
Ella and her Big Sister Taylor.
This photo shoot was a little interesting. Still makes me laugh :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Ella week one old with her big Sis Taylor
Taylor is a HUGE helper. She is always asking to help me with Ella! She couldn't even wait to get her hair dried before holding his baby sister.
Ella's second week..loving her new swing! This is the BEST thing ever as you NEVER need batteries!!!! I think Rob loves this the most too b/c of the whole no battery thing :)
Caroline is being a great big sis too...she is "looking over" little Ella for us!

Ella 2 weeks old

Sweet Ella at three weeks!

Already 4 weeks!! I am dying to get some bows in her hair.

Ella loves to hold onto little blankets or lovies. Thanks Maire and Jan for these precious zebra blankies....they are so cute and Ella loves them!

This little one loves to have her picture taken. I bring out the camera and she automatically says CHEESE. Love her; my sweet Caroline with cereal bar crumbs all over her mouth :)

More pictures to come...

Check Ups--ALL THREE!!!

Taylor and Caroline had their well check ups a few weeks late this year. Well in my defense, I was a little busy that week having another baby and throwing their birthday party!
Rob and I realize that we are so blessed to have three healthy little girls. God has entrusted them to us and we are ever so grateful!

Taylor Olivia McKay; 4 years old
weight 40 lbs (85%)
height 41 in. (90%)

Caroline Avery McKay; 2 years old
weight 28 lbs. (65%)
height 35 in. (80%)

They both checked out perfectly. I think the only bad thing was that they had to get a few shots and the flu mist. I am not sure what age is worse to watch get their shots; a baby has no clue what is going on but still figures out that it hurts and cries uncontrollably but then again a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old know what is happening and the look in their eyes about breaks your heart too! Both girls were NOT happy about those nasty shots but things finally calmed down when Nurse Susan gave them a lollipop and a princess sticker!

Ella Kathryn had her 8 week check up on October 12th. WOW I can't believe she is already 8 weeks old. The third time around seems to go by even faster!!
She had a good check up as well! She is sleeping well, cooing and smiling up a storm.
We have successfully transitioned her over to formula. She seems to be doing really well on it too! Here are her stats:
weight 9lbs. 8oz. (18%)
height 23 inches (76%)
(I looked back at Taylor and Caroline's stats from their check up at this age. All three girls were 23 inces long. Taylor weighed 11 lbs and Caroline weighed 9lbs. 12oz. I thought it was interesting that they were all the exact same height. Hopefully they got their Daddy's height!!)

Ella is a great baby and is loved by her proud big sisters!

Funny things

The other morning Taylor was in the bathroom. Rob went to check on her and asked if she had gone #1 or #2. She replied to him, "Well Daddy I think it is more like a 5 or 6!"
I have just laughed and laughed about that one!!

Taylor says some of the funniest things. She is so smart and very inquisitive lately too. She wants to know what everything means. Kids definitely are just like a sponge because she and Caroline remember everything!

Caroline is scared to death of vacuum cleaners...well at least she gets scared when they are turned on. She gets upsets when she hears the loud noise. The funny thing is that anytime we go into Target or Wal Mart and she spots the vacuum cleaners, she will continually ask me to go and look at them?!
Caroline is also SO EXCITED to see school buses. Every time we pass one she will start to scream, "Bus Mommy, bus Mommy" Typing it doesn't even do it justice as it makes me laugh every time. She says it so fast, with so much excitement and with such a high pitched voice. Rob said she must have been in heaven yesterday when they drove by NW High School and all of the buses were lined up. It wasn't a quiet ride home for Rob! :)

Keeping up

So about a week after I had Ella, we decided to take Caroline out of Village Kids. Taylor had just started a pre-K program at VK and since she had been there since she was 11 weeks old, we decided to let her stay with her friends and amazing teacher Mrs. Kieran!
I am not 100% sure how we are going to make the school/daycare thing work with THREE kids now. We are still trying to figure it all out!
Once Caroline left VK, we put her in a church pre-school. She goes to Kernersville Wesleyan Academy every day from 9-12 and is in Mrs. Jaime and Mrs. Deborah's 2 year old class. The first couple of weeks were hard. I know that change is never easy and with everything we had going on then I guess it was only natural for this transition to be a little hard on me and Caroline. Caroline cried when I left her the first day at pre-school and then I had to rush out of there as well so I could ball my eyes out in the car! We are so comfortable with Village Kids; all the teachers know my girls and me so I always felt at ease there. There wasn't any particular reason we took Caroline out; we are definitely trying to budget these days, and thought while I was on leave we could definitely save a little by putting Caroline in this other pre-school. Plus Kernersville Wesleyan Academy has been highly recommended by several friends.
So for the first couple weeks drop off was a little hard but just as anything, things got better. Just last week when I took Caroline in, she ran into her classroom to give Mrs. Jamie a hug and didn't even turn back to tell me "Good Bye!"
Of course that broke my heart but then again I was so excited that she felt happy and at home in her new school. Every week they go to Chapel and have music. Caroline LOVES Chapel and often shows us how she dances in Chapel every week. She told me the other day she had fun and wanted to go back tomorrow! Gosh just as we are getting into a new routine and our new "normal" things are going to change again since I have to go back to work on October 25th!

As for Taylor, she is doing so well in the Pre-K program at Village Kids. Her favorite thing is getting her homework assignment on Mondays. She is really excited and eager to get it done AS SOON AS WE GET IN THE DOOR. I have had to explain to her that we can't do it at that very moment every Monday as I am usually trying to get dinner ready, get everyone settled and trying to feed a hungry baby! On most days she accepts that we will do it later when things settle down for all of us.
Rob and I just adore Taylor's teacher Mrs. Kieran. She is wonderful with all the kids. I know she really cares about them and only wants the best for them. Everyday as Taylor is leaving and we are saying our good byes, Kieran comes up to Taylor gives her a kiss or a hug and tells her that she loves her. Seriously it is so sweet and so nice to know that someone that truly loves Taylor is with her all day! Since I have been on maternity leave, I have picked Taylor up early on most days. I know she really likes school when she gets a little upset to leave sometimes. She enjoys playing and learning with all her friends. She keeps talking about how she is going into Kindergarten soon and she just can't wait! Goodness where is the time going?! I mean I feel like just yesterday Rob and I were bringing our first born, Taylor home from the hospital. We were proud and nervous first time parents :)

Well we were definitely proud parents again 8 weeks ago when we brought Ella home...we weren't quiet as nervous the third time around but just as excited! Ella is doing so good. She started smiling around 6 weeks. Goodness I had forgotten how sweet that little grin is and how it melts your heart! Ella still isn't awake much as she is living the life of eating, sleeping, pooping and grinning....usually in that order too :)

Pictures to come...