Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Tonight we had Taylor's dance pictures and I was dreading the "hair" portion of the night :)

Last year my attempt to fix her hair was a total FLOP!  Luckily Sloane's Mom (Taylor’s friend from class) does a great job with "up-do's" and she is able to do Taylor’s hair for the recital.  Taylor loved getting dressed up tonight in her recital outfit and looking so "fancy" as she called it!

This afternoon, I got out the small curling iron and went to town with some hair spray and lots of clips and pins!

I actually think it turned out OK...


Practicing her pose


NO CLUE what she is doing with the phone pose, but we both laughed and it was cute!


Lovin’ from Daddy when we got back from pictures100_5993

Love these two!!!



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