Sunday, November 22, 2009

How sweet...

I just peeked into Caroline's room to check on her during her nap and found these two...
Seriously, HOW SWEET is that!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Just melts my heart!

The other day we were all busy running around trying to get ready for some family pictures that my good friend Emily was taking for us. Of course I was crazy over getting the girls' outfits ready, coordinating it with something Rob and I could wear as well and just getting to Winston on time. It was a crazy morning and I am sure I seemed a little stressed...I know you are saying, "Not Kristen!" :-) Actually I wasn't too bad, but enough for my sweet Taylor to notice and take time to brighten up my day. We were finally all in the car, seat belts on, outfitted from hair bows to boots, and ready to go...Whew! Then all of a sudden Taylor said to me,
"Mommy, you really are a good Mommy!"
I mean seriously, that was the sweetest thing I have heard. It just melted my heart!!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fun at the Zoo

Rob and I took the girls to the zoo a couple of weekends ago and I completely forgot to post about our family trip.  It was the weekend of “Boo at the Zoo”

We didn’t dress the girls up in their costumes but we sure did see some cute and interesting ones throughout the crowd.  We had a great time visiting with all the animals, riding the tram, the “grounded” helicopter and the carousel. 

Taylor said her favorite animal of the day was the gorilla and I am sure that Caroline’s favorite was the dog :-).  Caroline loves dogs and every animal we saw she would point and say “DOG!”  I thought it was pretty funny when Caroline and I were looking at the sea lion along with another family and she yelled, “DOG!”  The people around us, just turned and looked at us funny.  Not sure why I felt it necessary to explain to them that my 14 month old thinks everything is a dog right now.  I thought it was funny but they didn’t seem amused.

This was the closest thing to a pumpkin patch that we saw this year…


Caroline was ready to fly!


Pilot Taylor all ready to go too.


Quick picture with Daddy


Taylor was excited about riding the gorilla


One day we will get a shot of them looking at the camera and smiling at the same time.










SCORE!  Caroline loves to use her fork and spoon ALL BY HERSELF!  It definitely leaves more for Mom to clean up though.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

More fun pics...

Our first and unsuccessful attempt to photograph the girls together
Taylor is still a little rough...
Mom I am just not too sure about this thing on my head!

Prettiest Princess on the block!

Caroline's first trick-or-treat was from Mr. Dennis who the girls just adore!
Love the back of this costume!
What is this candy stuff and why won't Mommy let me have any?!
Helpful Taylor and sweet Mrs. Kristen for giving them ALL the good candy