Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hapy Halloween!

Hope you all had a very Happy Halloween. I know it was a BIG two days for our girls. Yesterday the girls had parties at daycare and Taylor got to fill up her Hello Kitty Halloween basket from trick-or-treating around the different classes at Village Kids. Seriously I haven't seen so much candy come from one little Halloween bucket. Taylor's was filled to the rim and it wasn't even Halloween night yet?! This morning we were planning on going to a pumpkin patch with a hayride and a mini petting zoo...well that didn't happen because of the nasty weather. It rained most of the morning putting a damper on our original plan. Once Caroline went down for a nap, Taylor and I headed out to get some errands done and then the next thing we knew it was almost time to get dressed up for round TWO of trick-or-treating!
I am thinking that this is Taylor's favorite Holiday. She LOVES candy and let me tell you it has NOT BEEN EASY trying to keep all of it away from her. We did a good job of keeping candy out of her diet for the first 18-24 months but she now knows exactly what it is and just can't get enough. As soon as she wakes up in the morning until the last minute she is awake she is asking if she can have some more candy because her belly is hungry. Seriously?! I think her belly is saying please no more candy. She must be confused or just hasn't figured out that those are not hunger pains :)
As for Caroline, she only got to do a little trick-or-treating tonight. Poor Caroline is still fighting that ear infection from two weeks ago! We had to take her back in on Tuesday as she had pink eye again and ear infections in both ears. The Dr. gave Caroline a medicine that didn't really agree with her little body and she ended up refusing to take it. We were back at the Dr. on Friday for another check. Her ears were still infected and they put her on a different med and said the next step would be to see the ENT since she has had so many infections within the last year. With all that said and with the rainy weather, we didn't keep her out too long. Plus she was totally ready for bed and was fast asleep by 7---now that sounds like a good night to me! :-)
The girls looked adorable in their costumes and better yet, these costumes were already paid for!!! Taylor was insistent that she be a PINK princess. Luckily we already had a "dress up" princess outfit that Taylor could use and Caroline wore the giraffe costume that Taylor wore two years ago. Hard to believe that it has been two years Taylor fit into it? Can you see the resemblance? I put a pink bow on the giraffe this year for Caroline. She totally didn't get the whole trick-or-treating thing but she still looked adorable as did her big sis all dressed in pink!

Taylor Halloween 2007
Caroline Halloween 2009

Caroline was definitely infatuated with the candy in the wrapper...
Not sure if we got a SINGLE one with both of them looking in same direction?!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

End of Soccer Season

This is several days behind schedule, but at least I did finally post something!!! Taylor had her last scocer game a week ago. I think she had a great time. We met some nice new friends (and their sweet parents too), the kids all ran around a lot, picked some flowers during the games (practice too!), visited the port-a-jon several times (NOT sure WHY that was a fascination!?), and even improved some soccer skills :)
Overall it was a great experience for all of us. I know Taylor had a good time and has been a little upset that the whole season is over.

Taylor wearing #1 on her jersey and so proud of her trophy!

Team United NUMBER ONE!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Market Week

Twice a year I usually take a week of vacation from Polo to work the furniture market in High Point. It is great extra cash for us; like the bonus that I DO NOT get from Polo :)
It is definitely a stressful week at the house though since our schedules are all thrown off and I am not there to help out too much. I swear it seems like every time I work the market someone gets sick too. Last spring I came down with a nasty bug and then unfortunately this week Caroline has been sick. I started on Thursday working at the market and around 9 that morning I got a call from daycare. Caroline had pink eye in both eyes, an ear infection and one nasty cold that seemed like a bad sinus infection. Poor little girl. I felt awful as I just wanted to be with her while she was so sick. Fortunately Rob was able to take Thursday off from work to take Caroline to the Dr. and take care of her at home. We were so lucky that Rob's parents (Mimi and Popie) were able to help us out on Friday. Popie had lots of quality time with Caroline on Friday morning while Mimi was at work until 1 pm.
I got a funny email from Rob on Friday morning. He said Popie just called saying, "Caroline just pooped, how does this diaper thing work?!"
Everything and everyone seemed fine when we got home, so I know she was in good hands!
Thanks Popie and Mimi for helping us out and taking such great care of our little girl. I am sure she had a great time with you two and got lots of loving!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Go Team United!

Taylor's soccer season is almost half way over so only a few more games to go. Here are team United's pictures. It was raining off and on the day of pictures so the photographer set up in the gym. I think this team photo is cute...not an easy task to get a group of 3-4 year olds to look at the camera and smile at the same time!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just for fun…

We don’t have too much to report.  The girls are growing like weeds and keeping us entertained and on the go!

Taylor loving on Duke


This is Taylor’s old bike and she was “showing” Caroline how it is done :)


Caroline is super excited about this ride that was passed down from Taylor


100_3984 100_3982 

Caroline is most definitely on the GO these days!  She is a quick little thing and into everything too.  She still only has four teeth but will eat anything you give her.  We when out to eat last week with both sets of grandparents and we were all amazed at her appetite.  She really enjoyed anything that was on Mommy’s plate…salad, mushrooms, broccoli, and the yummy crust of my veggie pizza. She isn’t saying too many words but she sure is trying to chat it up too.  She squeals and yells a lot and is trying to communicate to us what it is she really wants.   Although with going through the THREE’S with Taylor, Caroline might be learning that screaming from some of Taylor’s out bursts :) Taylor is discovering her independence and learning her boundaries with us.  She is one smart little girl and likes to test her limits!

Taylor is learning so much at Village Kids.  She came home a couple of weeks ago and spelled her name!  We were so proud of her and she is very proud of herself as well.  At soccer practice last week, I over heard Taylor telling her coach in the middle of a drill that she could spell her name and then off she went shouting it out!

I am also excited to know that I have a future shopper on my hands.  We got the Pottery Barn kids book last week.  Taylor sat in the kitchen thumbing through it and stopping at different pages and turning to me to say, “Mommy this is SOOO cute!” and “Mommy Caroline would be so cute in this little Halloween costume. Can we get it for her?”  She went on and on.  Of course I loved it but I don’t think Rob was too excited thinking about the future shopping trips with TWO girls!

Love my girls and my hubby too!!