Sunday, June 12, 2011

Congrats to Our Grad Taylor Olivia McKay

How is it so that this sweet little baby girl of ours is getting ready for the biggest first day of school as a Kindergartner?!

Seriously she was JUST this small

Taylor's 7th week 020

Now she seems so grown up as she poses for a fabulous picture with her “bestie” Mrs. Kieran!


On graduation morning I had promised Taylor that I would take her for a pedicure. She has been with me before to get my nails done and they have let her sit in the chair and paint her nails although she has never had a “real” pedicure. The place we went had small child size chairs that were equipped with a massage back and a mini DVD player. Taylor was in heaven!! She asked the lady to paint a flower on each finger nail and chose a funky blue color. She was so fancy with her freshly painted toe and fingernails!

We also brought Caroline along for the pedicure…she might still be a little too small and unsure. At first she wanted to sit in the chair that had the pink bear head but once I sat her down so refused to stay and told me “NO, I don’t want to sit because it smells!” I ended up holding her while she got her toe and fingernails painted too!

Village Kids decided to have the graduation at Triad Park. (It was a great idea and would have been absolutely perfect if it wasn’t 95 degrees with HEAVY humidity!!!) It was hot but totally worth every minute! We were under a shelter and were able to watch three classes from Village Kids graduate with high honors from a wonderful Pre-K program. I was really impressed with the graduation. They began by singing and I think that song made every Mom and even some Dads teary eyed! It was just precious. They received their diplomas and then recited the cutest poem ever. Isn’t it completely amazing how smart these little ones are?! Every single child knew all of the words and stood up so proud in front a large group of people.

That night as I was bathing the girls, Taylor looked up at me and said that she loved me and thought I was awesome for everything I did for her today!

WOW!! I love her and loved her sweetness! Totally a special Mommy moment and she was full of them on her special day. Rob was covering Taylor up for the night and he whispered to Taylor that he was proud of her. Taylor so matter-of-fact responded,”Well Daddy, I am proud of you for everything you have done for me in my life.”

Rob and I are beyond proud of our little girl. Taylor Olivia McKay we love you more than words can say and are extremely proud of you.

Proud Grandparents!



Always posing!




Some Cousin Love…


Super excited about going into Kindergarten!


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