Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bird House

This week at school a few parents came in to talk to Taylor’s class about their jobs.  On Friday they talked with Aiden’s Mom and had a Home Depot kids workshop.  They built their first bird house.  They all got those cute orange aprons and then their very own bird house to take home and build.  This weekend Rob and Taylor built hers and hung it up out in the back yard.  Taylor was super excited about this project!

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Great Saturday with the girls!

Today was a busy day for us! Rob was lucky enough to go to the ECU/Carolina game although those Pirates let us down!! Taylor, Caroline and I had a full agenda. This morning Taylor had soccer pictures and her second soccer game. I am happy to report that the second game was 100% better than the first! Taylor did a a wonderful job during soccer pictures and was really excited about the game (I am not sure if it had anything to do with a little bribe I enticed her with this morning?!) I told her if she listened well all morning, smiled for the pictures and played the whole soccer game then we would get ice cream after the game. (Whatever works, right!)

Getting ready for pictures…


They are all paying close attention to what Coach Robbie has to say


Seriously looking back at these pictures I laugh even more. It is a funny sight to see 3-4 year olds playing an organized sport. I am not sure what little Ian is doing here (blonde hair little boy?)


A real ACTION shot!


Group huddle…GOOOOOO Team United!


Taylor got to be goalie in her soccer game for a little while and did a great job. I think she only let one goal get passed her. We keep telling the kids not to touch the ball with their hands so they are having a hard time understanding that they can actually use their hands though if they are in the goal…yes I guess that is confusing and especially for a three year old! Taylor liked the goalie position, although I think that might be because she could hang on the goal like a little monkey. I had to explain to her that it wasn’t a jungle gym and that she needed to pay attention. Overall she was fabulous the whole game and played the full 60 minutes!


100_3945 100_3953

Hey Taylor…You CAN touch and grab the ball as a goalie!


After the game, we had lunch with Grammy and PawPaw and then the girls and I headed to the grocery store. I normally go on Sundays and now I know why; that place is packed on Saturday afternoon! The girls were really well behaved though and that definitely made the trip easier. Taylor was even allowed to pick one prize on our way out. She chose these Tinkerbelle keys that look like regular car keys. I am not sure that was the best decision on my part as she kept asking if she could start the car with her new keys?! Oh goodness, I had to explain over and over again that those were just pretend keys and they should NEVER be used in Mommy or Daddy’s cars. Let’s hope that was noted and understood!! The girls and I came home and played outside with all the neighborhood kids until Rob got home. We had a great “girls day” but sure am glad that Rob is home now too!!


Guess who was blowing me kisses at dinner…


And playing Peek-a-Boo!


My Caroline who is not so petite any more and LOVES to eat!


Friday, September 18, 2009

So cute…

Ms. Myniah who used to be both Taylor and Caroline’s teacher at Village Kids daycare is expecting her first child.  We have all been waiting to find out if she was carrying a little boy or little girl that is due in January.  She and her boyfriend found out on Friday and we are all so excited that she is having a little girl!  Ms. Myniah decided to wear a white shirt that morning and once she found out the sex she put pink ribbons on her tummy.  When I came to pick the girls up this afternoon she shared this story with me…Ms. Myniah went into Taylor’s class with her white shirt and pink ribbon on.  Ms. Jessica (Taylor current teacher) asked Taylor what was in Ms. Myniah’s belly and of course Taylor responded “A Baby!”  Then they told Taylor to look at the ribbon on Myniah’s shirt and tell them again what was in Ms. Myniah’s tummy.  This time Taylor responded, “Oh it’s a baby Caroline!!!”  So cute!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Soccer game-Go United!

Saturday was Taylor’s first soccer game.  Their team name is UNITED and their jerseys are orange.  The kids have practice one night a week and then a Saturday game.  The first practice was three weeks ago and it was the first time I had seen Taylor SO SHY?!  Seriously I was not sure who this little girl was out on that soccer field with her head down and her fingers in her mouth looking really shy.  Taylor went out on the field but would not do anything.  She barely even looked at her coach when he talked to her.  About 30 minutes later they had snack and right after that Taylor was her old self!  She was running around, kicking the ball and having a great time.  She did the same thing at the next practice; again snack was the whole turning point!  By the third practice Taylor started off the practice in full force.  She did everything Coach Jose and Coach Robbie told them, she kicked the ball in the goal a couple of times and just had a lot of fun.  I thought she was ready for the big game on Saturday.  We got there and Taylor immediately started to hold onto Rob.  She was acting really really shy?!  She was not interested at all in putting on her orange jersey. (Good thing Coach Robbie had called and told us to wear an orange shirt since their jerseys came in and are SO BIG on the kids!)  It took Taylor almost 30 minutes to warm up and finally make the decision to go on the field and play with her team.  Once she started to play you could tell that she was having fun.  I mean it was so darn cute to see these 3-4 year olds running up and down the field after the ball.  Next time I will have to try and get a video of them.

See I am not sure when this whole finger-in-the-mouth thing started?!


Coach Robbie trying to give some direction to the kids


100_3883   100_3880 100_3882

After game huddle…GO UNITED! No one won as neither team scored a goal; there are some great goalies :)


Ok so the kids totally did NOT get this whole hand shaking thing with the other team after the game.


Guess who is really excited that snacks are provided after the game!



A couple of the kids weren’t interested in sitting on the team blanket for snacks.  There are usually 9-10 kids.


Sorry I know these pictures aren’t the best.  Rob and I were trying harder to get Taylor to get on the field.  Of course after the game, she was running all over the field and wanting to play…kids?!


One of Caroline….(Ellie too.  She stayed with us all weekend and we had a blast.  The girls all loved being with one another.)


Monday, September 7, 2009


This afternoon we went to the park with the girls.  Most of the time Taylor and Rob rode their bikes and Caroline and I headed to the playground.  She loved crawling/walking all around the play set.

I also had to show you her new shoes.  I have never been a huge fan of the converse shoes for myself but think they are precious for the girls.  I will have to try and get a picture of Taylor and Caroline in their matching shoes!  Love them!!!





Caroline always has on the biggest smile right before AND right after a trip down the slide. 

Happy 3rd Birthday Audrey

On Saturday we went to the Children's Museum to celebrate Audrey’s third birthday.  The girls had a wonderful time.  Taylor was all over the place that I couldn’t keep up with her.  This is really the only picture that I have of her and it’s certainly not a framer :)  She seems very confused; I think she was telling us something and I caught her mid sentence.  The past few weeks she has become SO CHATTY…I mean even more so than normal?!  Taylor is usually telling us a story, telling us what she wants us to do (a little bossy!), or asking any and all types of questions!  She has got some imagination these days too.  She makes up all kinds of stories and plays a lot of “pretend” too.  It is definitely a fun age but extremely challenging at times.

Audrey thank you for having us at your party.  We loved your Princess party at the Museum!




Caroline really enjoyed the infant area at the Museum.  She took a liking to this little boy too.  I thought it was precious that he was kissing himself in the mirror…Caroline was fascinated!


 100_3836 100_3837